By Air:

Star Peru AirplaneCusco’s Alejandro Velasco Astete’s airport is located about 15 minutes outside the centre of Cusco. There are currently no direct international flights to Cusco with the exception of some flights from La Paz in Bolivia with, so you will most likely have to make some sort of transit stop in Lima, Peru’s capital before flying on to any of Lima’s 29 international destinations.

Airlines that operate flights from Lima to Cusco include LATAM, Star Peru, Peruvian Airlines, and Avianca. International carriers like KLM, American Airlines, LAN and others have code share agreements so you can book and fly from your home city to Cusco on the same ticket. Flights from Lima to Cusco are an hour long.

The same airlines also offer flights to Puerto Maldonado and Arequipa if you plan on visiting other parts of Peru during your trip.

Cusco airport is small but does have internet access, a few basic cafes and souvenir shops and a VIP lounge.

By Road:

If you are not short of time and are feeling adventurous and keen to brave the winding roads and ravines of the Andes, hire a car when you arrive in Lima and spend a few days driving through the incredible countryside of Peru to get to Cusco. Possible routes include Lima – Ica – Arequipa – Cusco.  Not for the faint of heart! The main car hire companies in Peru are Hertz, Avis and Budget Car Hire.

By Bus:

Getting to Cusco PeruThere are several bus companies that operate this 20 hour long bus ride from Lima. If you are a nervous traveller and don’t like heights and driving along the edge of ravines this is NOT the way to get to Cusco! If however, you do choose to get to Cusco by bus, we recommend the following bus companies:

Cruz del Sur – One of the most highly regarded bus companies in Peru. They offer economy and first class service on their comfortable double-decker buses from Lima to Cusco.


Note: It is a common security measure to film all passengers on long-distance bus trips in Peru.

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